Issue: September 13, 2012

Good morning, readers:

Everyone has a story to tell, and in this week's cover story, Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia asks people, strangers actually, to share stories of noteworthy moments, perhaps a life-changing moment. It was a great way to engage with people.

In Newslines this week, our lead story is about Brett Olson, the young man whose death during the Labor Day float on the Sacramento River remains a mystery. You'll read more about who exactly he was and how the community came together during the weeklong search for him. You'll also read about the mysterious disappearance a week ago of a Hamilton City teenager, Claudialy Cardenas, whose sister, Judith, is desperately trying to find her. There's an update on the Chico Occupy movement, too, and a story about pending legislation that may prohibit the use of hounds in bear and bobcat hunting.

In Health, you'll be introduced to two of the new doctors at Enloe Behavioral Health, and learn about their interesting work caring for patients.

Don't forget to check out our Arts section. This week, you'll read about a local Frank Zappa cover band's collaboration with an actual member of the late musician's band. There's a review of Theatre on the Ridge's compelling new production, The Diviners. And much, much more ...


-Melissa Daugherty, managing editor