Issue: September 06, 2012

Good morning, folks:

We've got another action-packed issue for you this week, starting with our cover story on Chico's roller derby scene, as told by Jaime O'Neill, who spent some time with the Nor Cal Roller Girls. If you're only vaguely familiar with the sport, check out Editor Robert Speer's sidebar covering one of the team's recent bouts.

In Newslines, there are some good reads, too, including a profile of KCHO station manager Brian Terhorst, who's been given a new lease on life. For decades, Terhorst had been living with what doctors had improperly diagnosed as muscular dystrophy. Turns out he has another rare condition, one that is treatable. We've got an update on the City Council's proposed plastic bag ban. There's also a follow-up story on the pile of toxic ash in north Chico that's now headed for disposal in Wheatland. Additionally, there's a write-up on Assemblyman Dan Logue's pushback on an assembly bill designed to protect the health of farm workers.

In Greenways you'll read about the boom-and-bust cycle of the salmon population, and how hatcheries play into that equation.

Back in the Arts and Culture section, former Managing Editor Meredith Graham has a preview of the SyFy network's episode of Paranormal Witness that's based on a local ghost story. There's a write-up about the Chico State Museum of Anthropology's new exhibit, Ethnomusicology: Exploring the Melodies of Culture. And Juan-Carlos Selznick gives us his take on Lawless, John Hillcoat's new Prohibition-era/gangster flick.

Happy reading,

-Melissa Daugherty, managing editor