Adventure Time—Complete First Season

Come along with Jake the Dog and Finn the Human, two adventurers saving princesses and battling monsters in the Land of Ooo. Simultaneously intelligent and juvenile (the lonely, but pervy, Ice King looking for love ends up kissing Jake’s butt because he thinks it’s a princess), the show thrives off random hilarity. From the characters and one-liners to the battle cries—“Algebraic!”—and mature, but appropriately handled content, Adventure Time is one of the best animated shows on the air. Beyond the humor, Adventure Time recalls an era when nobility, honor and adventure were all a boy required. This King Arthur and Huck Finn mentality is refreshingly simple and pure. The Land of Ooo is a place where boys can be boys and girls can kick butt, be a princess, or rock out as a Vampire Queen. Some may accuse it of advocating violence or reinforcing gender stereotypes, but at its core, Adventure Time is about people trying to enjoy life and do the right thing. And to all those naysayers? As Jake might say, they have “poo brain.”