Issue: July 05, 2012

Good morning, readers:

Happy Fourth of July! Er ... actually, happy Fifth of July. Happy Fourth of July weekend. Yeah, that works.

This week, just in time for the holiday weekend, our cover story deals with the ongoing war in Afghanistan, and the toll taken on the families awaiting the return of their loved ones. In the piece, Jaime O'Neill speaks with a Stirling City couple whose son is serving in the Seabeas, as well as an enlisted young woman who is pregnant and serving here in the States, while her husband is in the war-torn country. As a companion piece, Editor Robert Speer presents a review of a book by Nanette Sagastume, a Chicoan whose life has also been touched by war.

In Newslines, CN&R's Ken Smith captures the reaction, pro and con, to the Supreme Court's upholding of Obamacare. News Editor Tom Gascoyne files a report on a case of the Butte County District Attorney's Office involving the illegal dumping of a huge quantity of toxic fly ash in a wetlands area by an Oroville cogeneration plant. Vic Cantu provides an update on Robert "Brother Bob" Taylor, a longtime resident who has recently been evicted from the apartment he called home for 27 years. And Jerry Olenyn has a write up on the work of a Paradise police officer whose work taking drunken drivers off the road has deep personal meaning.

In Greenways, CN&R intern Kjerstin Wood gives the lowdown on upcycling, featuring a father-daughter business that turns discarded glassware into works of art.

And in Healthlines, Evan Tuchinsky talks to an Oroville physician assistant about his work practicing medicine.

In the Arts and Culture section, Ken Smith undertook the really tough assignment of testing out the eats at La Flor De Michoacán Palatería y Nevería: ice cream and other frozen treats. Arts Editor Jason Cassidy shares his best suggestions for summer jams. And Vic Cantu interviews a local Emmy Award winner.

Also, be sure to check out From the Edge, in which columnist Anthony Peyton Porter describes his experience at Enloe Medical Center after slicing off part of his finger.

There are a lot more things to discover throughout the paper, so enjoy!

-Melissa Daugherty, managing editor