Fill my empty walls with cheap art

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A home for (cheap) art Last week, Arts DEVO mowed a lawn for the first time in more than 20 years. That can only mean that he’s either moonlighting on a lawn-maintenance crew or he and Mrs. DEVO just bought their first home (which might mean that he’s going to have to join that lawn crew soon enough).

Yes, it’s true, at nearly 43, I am for first time in my entire life not living in a rented home. And after more than two weeks under my own roof, I still feel like I’m taking care of someone’s home who’s on vacation—which isn’t a bad sensation. It looks weird when I type it, but the best way to describe it is to say it’s felt “special.” Just being at home is a new—sometimes scary, mostly exciting—adventure.

Of course, we’re just making the place our own, and so far we have nothing on the walls. So, the time is ripe for another online quest for cheap art (somewhere across town, a chill just went up Mrs. DEVO’s spine).

Original Acrylic Painting, (Craigslist – Chico), $50: “The painting is entitled ‘Cheap Circus Story.’ I painted it 20 years ago.” I don’t know if the title is referring to the price or if this was inspired by some sort of low-rent sideshow. Either way, I’m sold.

Turddemon (eBay), starting at $8.99: I don’t like most of the wide-eyed cartoon animals she’s sellin’ but two of the 5-by-7-inch acrylics—“Bacon Strips” and “Purple Tiny Bunny Rabbit”—are neat, and as long as the price doesn’t go too far above the starting bid, I’m very interested. Go to and see more of her stuff.

Original Acrylic Painting, “You Scream For Ice Cream” (eBay), starting at $15: Please join me in giving a slow, purposeful handclap to eBay user kasimur_90 for this wonderful 4-by-3-foot neon-painted, glow-in-the-dark(!), shark-toothed clown licking an eyeball ice cream cone. Words are useless.

Know about some cheap art? Have cheap art for sale? Drop AD a line.