Issue: June 21, 2012

Welcome to the summer, CN&R fans:

It's a perfect time to get out to and experience Bidwell Park! And,

after reading this week's cover story about me taking a walk across

the 12-mile length of the park and talking to park workers and

volunteers about the challenges Chico's "crown jewel" is facing and

the need for a much higher level of stewardship, maybe you'll want to

volunteer to pull a few invasive plants after you finish your picnic,

hike or swim?

In Newslines, Christine G.K. LaPado looks into a knife-point robbery

at Chico Natural Foods and how the store and other businesses

downtown are dealing with an increase in panhandling and shoplifting;

news editor Tom Gascoyne talks to Chico's new police chief, Kirk

Trostle; and Ken Smith reports on a fresh round of budget cuts by the

City of Chico for the 2012-13 fiscal year.

In Healthlines, Meredith J. Graham looks at public health concerns in

the aftermath of the Georgia woman's battle with flesh-eating

bacteria, while in Greenways, editor Christine G.K. LaPado digs up

the dirt on fracking.

The exciting news in art is the addition of the new MANAS Art Space

to the local scene, and Willow Sharkey files a report on the festive

opening night. While ver at the Blue Room Theatre, Ken Smith takes in

his first Bloomsday, celebrating James Joyce and all things Irish.


-Jason Cassidy, arts editor