Oh, (expletive deleted) ’em all

Some people just make me want to cuss

The author is a frequent contributor to the CN&R. His previous guest comment, “A soon-to-have can’t wait,” appeared in the May 10 issue.

Over the last decade, I’ve written more than a million words on a variety of subjects, mostly political. Unless you know me, you can’t imagine the restraint I’ve exercised in writing all those words with nary an expletive.

When I get worked up, I can become a little injudicious in my choice of language, resorting to cuss words my mother tried to discourage me from using. Her admonishments didn’t work, nor did the advice of teachers who said that well-educated people didn’t succumb to cursing.

All those attempts to get me to keep a civil tongue in my head failed. In fact, the older I get, the more I’m inclined to pepper my conversation with expletives. I can’t even read the paper or watch the (expletive deleted) news without employing language most often heard in brothels or treatment centers for people suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome.

I know I should have more self-control, but when I see people like Mitt Romney talking about privatizing the educational system, I go (expletive deleted) crazy.

When that nitwit Donald Trump starts talking about Obama’s birth certificate, and journalists interview him as though he has an actual brain under that (expletive deleted) rat’s nest on his head, I have no recourse but to resort to expletives. And if you can look at the faces of Scott Walker, Paul Ryan or Eric Cantor without wanting to unleash a barrage of curses, then there just might be something (expletive deleted) wrong with you.

The middle class has lost something like 40 percent of its wealth since this recession hit back when Bush was in office. Eight years of his misrule put the nation trillions of dollars in debt while enriching the richest (expletive deleted) 1 percent beyond the wildest dreams of pashas and kings. Corporate CEOs like Jamie Dimon were favored with billions in no-interest government bailouts when Bush & Co. was in charge, and those guys are still eating high on the (expletive deleted) hog with the Obama administration.

But even with all the Wall Street foxes in Obama’s hen house, there’s still no question that a (expletive deleted) Romney administration would be worse. The guy who ran Bain Capital ain’t likely to care what ails people far removed from money and power, a fact that ought to be obvious to any (expletive deleted) idiot in any (expletive deleted) language used to say it.