A time to celebrate

Nurses are right not to picket Enloe grand opening

We were glad to hear that the local chapter of the California Nurses Association had decided to scale back a planned picketing of the grand opening celebration of the new Magnolia Patient Tower at Enloe Medical Center, which is being held Saturday, June 23, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The picketing was designed to call attention to labor negotiations that the nurses say have stalled and the fact that the union’s contract with Enloe has expired, but, as the nurses realized, it would have injected a negative element into what is meant to be a joyful community celebration.

As chapter President David Welch told the CN&R, Enloe’s nurses are as thrilled about the new tower as anyone. But the celebration was too good an opportunity for letting members of the community know about the negotiations to pass up, so the union members will be leafleting instead of picketing, which is fine.

Chico is blessed to have a hospital that is such an integral part of the community, a nonprofit run by citizen volunteers and accountable to the community, one that doesn’t put profits ahead of people. This is an increasingly rare situation. Completion of the new tower is testament to the Chico region’s appreciation for their hospital. It wouldn’t have been built without the many contributions of money and time from local residents. We congratulate Enloe CEO Mike Wiltermood and his staff and all the volunteers on a job well done.