Hating the closure of Last Stand. Loving Edgar Allan Poe.

Now with more foot sweat.

Now with more foot sweat.

Hater days Arts DEVO is not a cynical guy. I try not to sweat the small things and to stay out of most arguments that don’t include floppy-haired guitarists, and am decidedly not of the mindset that the shitty times in which we are living are any shittier than all past (or future) shitty times.

But sometimes the small stuff will press my cranky button, things like the ol’ 70 mph no-blinker fade into my lane on the highway, or reality TV shows with rich people acting like infants/monsters, or some crazy hippie shit.

There are just a couple things trending on the irritant board this week (because I know you love to hear me whine):

Coconut water: the sock-flavored drink that can provide the hydration and potassium of one glass of water and a banana, at five times the price! Buy a case and party like a movie star.

Go bless yourself! For the love of Isis, Chico, stop signing off with “Blessings.” Unless I’ve just sneezed, it sounds super-creepy. I would never kiss the Pope’s ring, and I sure as hell am not drinking any of the Kool-Aid brewed by goddesses or Wiccans or whatever. “Later dude,” will suffice.

Standing down.

He who laughs last, turn off the lights Tonight, June 28, at 8 p.m., will be the final performance at the Last Stand Comedy Venue. After five spirited months of irreverent fun, owner John Ross is closing out with one last open-mic hurrah at the intimate downtown space. A note on the venue’s website reads, “Dear Last Stand patrons, supporters and friends. We regret to inform you that the Last Stand’s doors will be closed permanently. Thank you for all of the support …”

AD takes his Energy Dome off to the very committed and super-sweet Ross for bringing something special to our little hick town. While there’s no official word yet as to the reason for the closure, if I were to hazard a guess it would be the same ol’ “Chico is too small” story. History has taught us that you need one of three things to survive as an arts venue here: money from the sale of something (beer, food, picture frames or recording-studio time); nonprofit status; or a ridiculously devoted army of volunteers. If money at the door is the main revenue stream, it’s going to be difficult to meet costs (overhead, paying artists) during the best of times, and when you factor in a dependence on the small percentage of arts-going Chicoans having the ability to regularly spend money in your specialized spot in addition to all the bars, clubs, galleries, theaters and cafés in town then, well, it’s not even funny.

(Side note: Little birds have been telling AD that a semi-related local-arts institution is also feared dead. Well, it’s missing at least, and concern over its well-being is high.)

Keep telling yourself that it’s just the wind.

Go big or go Poe Turns out that local guitar savant/theater stud Loki Miller does not mess around when he puts on a party. This Sunday, July 1, at the ARC Pavilion, Miller is hosting Know the Poe, a massive fundraiser for the upcoming San Francisco production of a musical version of The Raven (penned by his pop, Jerry Miller, and his frequent collaborator, Marcel Daguerre, and performed more than once in Chico over the years), which will open this October at the Victoria Theatre, the city’s “oldest operating theatre” (since 1908).

The celebration of Edgar Allan Poe is actually two parties: first, starting at noon, there will be a daytime Poe-themed festival featuring the Hop Frog’s Outdoor Carnival; The Raven Project: An Introduction to Poe’s Prose & Poetry; Poe in Film (presented by CN&R film critic Craig Blamer); a comedy troupe called The Windenoughs; a Poe art contest and more. Then, in the evening, starting at 7:30 p.m., will be an epic concert featuring a wide range of local acts—Big Mo, Lisa Marie, Danny Cohen, Doug Stein, etc.—plus the The Raven Band (Miller, Kevin Briggs, Josh Hegg, Melinda Maxwell, Matt Hammons and Bertram Torres) playing till the midnight dreary.