Issue: July 12, 2012

Good morning:

In this week's issue, News Editor Tom Gascoyne explores the controversy surrounding the city of Chico's takeover of a portion of the Butte Humane Society back in February. Former Chico Police Chief Mike Maloney had estimated that it wouldn't cost the city anything for his department to take charge of the shelter's intake of animals, but after five months of running that part of the facility, turns out the city is in the red. Gascoyne explains why ...

In the meantime, animal advocates have been concerned with a slew of rumors regarding the welfare of animals since the takeover. Gascoyne's cover story delves into those concerns, including one charging that the city was getting paid by a rendering plant for the animals it euthanizes.

He also interviews John Mich, who took over as operations manager for the BHS.

There's a bit of an animal theme in Newslines this week, too. Contributor Alastair Bland has a nice write up on the worries of mountain lion advocates in response to the recent cougar attack in Grass Valley. Gascoyne talks about the gray wolf that wandered into Butte County, having traveled all the way from Oregon. Speaking of traveling a long way, CN&R staff writer Ken Smith has a piece on an Occupy activist's long walk. And Calendar Editor Howard Hardee writes about Chicoan Robert Seals and his efforts to keep his Goddess Temple from getting shut down.

In Greenways this week, Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia (notice the new, hyphenated name ... and congratulate her), editor of the section, introduces us to two Chico guys who have started up a socially conscious clothing company.

In Healthlines, you'll meet one of Chico's newest doctors, Baran Onder. He works mostly as a general practioner, but talked to contributor Evan Tuchinsky about his specialty in sports medicine.

In the arts section this week, Arts Editor Jason Cassidy gives a sneak peek into the upcoming Burning Man-ish new festival in Paradise called Cognitive Awakening. Contributor Alan Sheckter introduces us to Fred Stuart, Blue Room Theatre's new executive director. And especially for dudes this week, LaPado-Breglia has a nice write up in Chow about "Mama Rose" and her new, sexy digital cookbook ap that promises to help guys impress their ladies.

There's a lot to enjoy this week. Happy reading!

-Melissa Daugherty, managing editor