Avoiding WNV

Precautions to take against contracting West Nile Virus

Local public-health officials are urging citizens to take precautions against West Nile virus, as three new cases have recently been reported in Butte County.

In an Aug. 29 press release, the Butte County Public Health Department announced two of those three cases are neuroinvasive, the most severe form of the disease, which is most commonly spread by mosquitoes. This season, WNV has been reported in 34 of 58 California counties; the latest Butte County cases bring the total number of people affected here to four.

The BCPHD recommends the following actions to prevent infection:

Avoid outdoors during peak mosquito activity, especially dusk and dawn.

Wear long sleeves and pants outdoors when possible.

Apply insect repellent containing DEET, oil of lemon eucalyptus, Picaridin or IR3535.

Eliminate all standing water; report dead birds and squirrels, or ponds and unused swimming pools that are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, to 342-7350.

Go to www.westnile.ca.gov for more information.