Issue: August 09, 2012

Good morning, readers:

This week, through our cover story, yours truly will introduce you to Becky Barnes-Boers. She's a local disabled woman who is on a mission to open the eyes of people when it comes to the Americans with Disabilities Act, the federal civil-rights law protecting the disabled from discrimination. Barnes-Boers is a single mom who has successfully taken on government agencies who have ignored the law and ignored her requests to follow it. She's currently asking the city of Chico to get up to speed with the ADA. In fact, she's been doing so for the past five years. Barnes-Boers' record keeping reveals a city vastly out of compliance, and since she feels like city officials haven't taken her complaints seriously, she's decided to take the issue up with the ultimate authority under the law, the federal government.

In Newslines, Editor Robert Speer takes one for the team, covering a long Chico City Council meeting with the Noise Ordinance on the agenda (also, see Downstroke, for an update on redevelopment news). News Editor Tom Gascoyne talks to a couple of young New York rabbis about their stay in Chico. Staff writer Ken Smith hears from a Chico attorney who helped overturn the Board of Supervisors' restrictive medi-pot ordinance about the board's new further-restrictive plan. And Gascoyne, pulling double duty, also reports on the local doctor and his wife who are accused of killing their 2-year-old adopted son.

In Healthlines, Christine LaPado-Breglia talks to Tory Zellick about the book she penned following the death of her mother. She wrote The Medical Day Planner to help guide others who are in the position of being the primary caretaker of a terminally ill person.

In Greenways, Claire Hutkins-Seda has a nice feature on Max Kee's program of using food scraps donated from local restaurants to make compost, and then using that compost to grow food for the very same establishments.

Back in the Arts and Culture section, check out Ken Smith's run-down of Chico's summer-theater fest, including the now-running Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh. The incomparable Juan-Carlos Selznick gives us his take on the Total Recall redux. And, of course, Arts DEVO, Arts Editor Jason Cassidy, gives us the scoop on the local music, arts and events scenes.


-Melissa Daugherty, managing editor