Saving the fruits of summer

GRUB and Cultivating Community NV hosting free produce-drying workshop on Aug. 28

Learn to dry fruits and vegetables harvested from your garden.

Learn to dry fruits and vegetables harvested from your garden.

Preserve the bounty
On Aug. 28, the conscientious folks at the GRUB Cooperative and Cultivating Community NV are hosting a no-cost two-hour workshop on drying produce—both vegetables and fruits.

“Drying produce is a simple way to store summer garden bounty for enjoyment year round,” as Stephanie Elliott reminds us in the most recent e-newsletter from GRUB/Cultivating Community NV. “This class will cover preparation for drying, drying time, storage and dried-food recipes including fruit leather, veggie chips, soup mixes and more. You will also be introduced to several different homemade solar dryers that Chico locals have created, which will give you ideas for how to build your own with inexpensive, recycled materials.”

The workshop will be held at the GRUB property at 1525 Dayton Road from 6 until 8 p.m. Register for this workshop online at or by calling Jonah at 588-0585. Go to to learn more about GRUB.

Help the cause
I can’t say enough good things about David Zoppi and Ken Swain’s new, socially conscious clothing-and-accessory business, Young Love Outfitters. CN&R readers know I’ve said a number of good things already, both in my July 5 GreenHouse column and in a Greenways feature story, “The Goodness of Their Hearts,” published July 12. Swain and Zoppi’s online business (which now has a booth at the Thursday Night Market) features hip, eye-pleasing T-shirts and canvas bags designed by them that feature such thought-provoking slogans as “Provide & conquer” and “Build your tribe.”

Fifteen percent of your Young Love purchase can go to help replant five forests in areas of deforestation via rural-poor advocacy outfit Plant with Purpose.

But the best thing about their endeavor is that 15 percent of each purchase goes to one of three worthy sustainability-focused causes, such as buying desks and chairs for classrooms in West Africa via Chico’s LeapingStone Foundation, and helping replant forests in areas of deforestation via San Diego-based rural-poor advocacy outfit Plant with Purpose. Customers get to pick the cause they wish to donate to, and causes currently listed will be replaced with others as the financial goal listed for each is met.

Young Love’s latest e-newsletter popped into my inbox recently. In it, Zoppi and Swain write, “First, we wanted to thank everyone for supporting a brand we are extremely proud of and passionate about. The response we have received in the first month [of business] is amazing, but we are far from where we want our brand to be.

“We need your help. When we started Young Love, we set out on a mission to raise awareness and make a lasting impact with our brand. We saw so many problems and so many people in need, and we knew we could make a difference—with your help.”

Among other things, Swain and Zoppi point out that “800 million people don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. That is 1 in 9 of us.” Also, “90 percent of the 30,000 deaths that occur every week from unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions are children under 5 years of age.” In response, Young Love’s third current charity cause is charity:water, which provides clean water to residents of Third World countries.

Do go to to check out Young Love Outfitters and maybe pick up a cool new canvas shopping bag or a shirt and, in the process, help make a difference in the world.

“Nature’s very good for you.” – Lydia LaPado, age 11