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Yuba City man arrested in Chico for possession of high-capacity gun clips

The national issue of gun control sort of hit home Sunday, Aug. 5, with an arrest in Chico involving a high-capacity gun clip. According to a Chico police press release, a car with four men from Yuba County was stopped following a response to a reported fight in front of Panama’s Bar downtown around 1:30 a.m. A detective driving nearby spotted a white Buick sedan at Fifth and Flume streets and then stopped it for a vehicle violation at Cherry and 10th streets. Passenger Jan Lor was found with a concealed, loaded 9mm semi-automatic gun and two illegal, high-capacity, 30- and 15-bullet clips for it.

“Any magazine that carries over 10 rounds is illegal in California,” said police Lt. Mike O’Brien.

Lor was arrested on charges of possession of a concealed firearm in a vehicle and possession of high-capacity magazines. The vehicle’s driver, Ronny Khang, was taken in for allowing the weapon in the car.