‘Volunteer junkie’ makes good

photo by vic cantu

Ph: 530-899-3873
Toll-FREE 1-866-703-3873
To vote and help them win an SUV go to: 100CarsForGood.com

Katy Deaton, a 25-year-old Chico State graduate, volunteered for six organizations before landing her dream job at Caring Choices charity and its partner organization, Home & Health Care Management (HHC). Together they help bring food, transportation and health care to some of Chico’s most disadvantaged adults and children. Deaton loves her duties as outreach coordinator and is hoping to get the public to help them win a badly needed SUV on Aug. 14.

What does Caring Choices do?

Caring Choices is a nonprofit that helps feed underprivileged groups, like families who have children with cancer and the disabled. During disasters we also help rescue lost pets. We do things like deliver donated food and drive clients to the doctors. We also keep HIV/AIDS testing free and help HIV/AIDS sufferers get housing and free medications. Over 90 percent of them don’t have transportation. HHC is for-profit and helps low-income seniors with tasks in their homes so they can stay independent.

What do you like best about your job?

Giving instant gratification to our clients who are in desperate need. Many can’t travel to get their own food. Once a month our Recreation and Dreams (RAD) program takes families of cancer-stricken kids to fun places like Great America or the Waterworks Park in Redding. It helps them forget about cancer and unites them with other families. Sometimes I’m stuck behind a desk for eight hours and I get a call to deliver food, which makes it all worthwhile.

Why do you want to win that car so badly?

Winning will give us a chance to increase our community support. We’re staffed mostly with Chico State volunteers who don’t have cars or can’t afford the frequent driving expenses. The car is a new Toyota Highlander SUV that has plenty of room for transporting people or large quantities of food. We’ve got a great one-in-five chance that day against only four other, similar-size nonprofits.

What’s the best way for people to help you win the car?

Just vote for Caring Choices on Tuesday, Aug. 14, at 100CarsForGood.com. To get a reminder, go there now and under ‘Search’ type “Caring Choices,” then click “Remind Me". They’re giving away a new car each day for 100 days through Aug. 21.

Why do you fit in so well here?

I’m a natural helper and recruiter. I tell people about my week, and they want to help. I’m also wired to be a volunteer junkie. I won President Obama’s Volunteer Service Award in both 2010 and 2011. Volunteering is so important for human growth. I’ve moved up to a paid position and am now leaving my stamp on this place.