Sharing food with Fido

A list of some human foods that are good for dogs, too

Dogs are not shy about begging. It’s in their nature, particularly when you eat something in front of them. Hard to ignore. But a lot of the food humans consume are not good for dogs.

Here’s a list of foods that are safe to share with our canine buds:

Yogurt without sugar or artificial sweeteners; cooked salmon, which is good for the immune system, skin and coat; sweet potatoes, sliced and dehydrated; apples (be careful because the seeds contain cyanide); popcorn that’s air-popped without butter or salt (offers potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and calcium); and green beans, which provide plant fiber and manganese to help maintain proper weight for hefty dogs. And, of course, there’s good old peanut butter, a high-protein treat that offers entertainment for the owner who watches the determined licking that follows a dog’s consumption of the stuff.

Source: Modern Dog magazine