Restart your engine!

Don’t replace your old car, re-power it

There comes a point with every car owner when the engine starts to break down and it’s time to think of investing in something new, rather than wasting money on more and more repairs. But just because the engine might be crapping out doesn’t mean ditching your ride is the only option. Instead of re-upping with a new auto loan, why not re-power your old rig by getting your engine rebuilt/refurbished? While the price for a rebuilt engine will vary depending on the car’s make—normally anywhere from $3,000-$5,000, according to the nonprofit Engine Rebuilders Council—it’ll still only be about as much as the average down payment for a new car. Not only will you get a warranteed engine that might just be better than the one that came with the new car, you’ll be recycling and reusing the bulk of the vehicle … and you get to hold on to that cool ride for years to come!