Issue: November 29, 2012

Good morning, CN&R readers:

If you're in the mood for a good detective tale, you're going to enjoy this week's cover story. In it, writer Carson Medley chronicles his efforts to retrieve his stolen sunglasses and iPhone, the latter being the more important of the pilfered items. The phone contained more than 1,000 photos of his new baby and wife, and those precious memories had not been backed up. Medley takes us on his journey, during which he grapples with whether to press charges against the thieves, a couple of Chico State students.

In Newslines, Ken Smith talks to Palermo neighbors about their longstanding feud over alleged disruptive noise coming from one of the resident's generators. Yours truly reports on how the defeat of Measure J (the telephone-users' tax) has dealt a $600,000 blow to the city's current general fund, not to mention the long-term losses. News Editor Tom Gascoyne has a write-up on the very expensive special election that's required to fill the state Senate seat vacated by Doug LaMalfa. And Vic Cantu has a follow-up story on the successes of an energy-efficiency program mired in controversy last year.

In Healthlines, Evan Tuchinsky talks to medical professionals who say cheerleading should be considered a sport. Its participants are athletes, they say.

And in Arts and Culture, check Calendar Editor Howard Hardee's feature on a couple of Swedish exchange students who are rawkin' the Internet with their metal show on Chico State's student-run radio station, KCSC. Film critic Juan-Carlos Selznick fell hard for Ang Lee's new movie, Life of Pi. And last but not least, Arts Editor Jason Cassidy profiles La Fin du Monde on the eve of the Chico band's final days.

Until next week ...

-Melissa Daugherty, managing editor