Issue: November 22, 2012

Good morning, CN&R readers:

The paper is on the racks a day early this Thanksgiving week, so pick up your copy today. As has become an annual tradition, we've chosen some very special community members to write about. This year, our Local Heroes issue includes five folks who are doing some pretty amazing things to help others, all out of the goodness of their hearts. The heroes range in age from 17 to 79, but all have in common a dedication to giving their time to helping others, either locally, and in some cases, on the other side of the world.

Speaking of people to be thankful for ... In Newslines, check out Vic Cantu's coverage of the Pleasant Valley High event at which holocaust survivor Yanina Cywinska recalled her time at the Auschwitz concentration camp and how she went on to fulfill her life's dream. Editor Robert Speer has a story about a group of Pleasant Valley High School students who are keeping the printed newspaper alive independently after school administrators moved the curriculum to an online-only format. Staff writer Ken Smith has a write-up on President Zingg's suspension of Chico State-affiliated Greek organizations, following the alcohol-overdose death of a local fraternity pledge. And Tom Gascoyne checks in with the details of what could be an illegal campaign contribution made to City Councilman-elect Sean Morgan.

In Greenways, you'll read about Little Red Hen Park & Garden, a great new space for the developmentally disabled.

In Healthlines, check out the big results happening at Freestyle Fitness, a no-frills but growing gym Jake Scheele operates out of a warehouse in an industrial complex.