OMG, you’re having a baby!

Free health-tip texts for new parents

“Morning sickness may be caused by a change in your hormones. Try eating crackers or dry cereal. Eat small meals often. Don’t go without eating.”

That’s just one example of the kind of health tips for moms and babies (as well as dads and health-care providers)—during and after pregnancy—available from text4baby, a free service provided by National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition. Visit and enter your due date and cell number, and three times a week you’ll receive a new bit of advice or information catered to the specific point in your pregnancy, with no charges to your phone bill, such as:

“Your baby is growing a lot! Baby is now the size of a lime & can open its mouth & move its tiny hands.” Or, “It’s time for baby’s 1-month Dr.’s visit. Your baby had blood tests right after she was born. At this visit, ask your Dr. for the results.”

Additionally, you will also receive free alerts any time there’s timely baby-related news—health scares, product recalls, etc.