Issue: November 01, 2012

Hello, fellow voters and CN&R readers.

We're less than a week away from the big election. This week's cover

story features an interview with California Gov. Jerry Brown, who

breaks down the state's financial challenges and how his Prop. 30

could be a good start toward making a turnaround if it passes. Also,

in Newslines, we look at the intriguing race for the three open Board

of Education seats, as well as the Stop Trafficking of Person's

efforts to get out the "yes" vote for 35, the anti-sex trafficking

proposition. Be sure to check out this week's Editorials for a

clip-out version of our endorsements and then get out Tuesday and let

your voice be heard.

In the Greenways and Healthlines sections this week, editor Christine

G.K. LaPado-Breglia covers it all, from U.S. Forest Service

researcher Dr. Connie Millar's presentation on the varied effects of

climate change on the Sierra Nevadas, to the story of a Christian

Scientist who credits prayer for her curing her stomach cancer.

And, in Arts & Culture, we look forward to the upcoming show with

punk-inspired Americana trio The Devil Makes Three, and look back on

a fun, noisy night of metal and atmospheric rock at Cafe Coda. Also,

contributor Alastair Bland breaks down the world of sparkling wines,

while lead film critic Juan-Carlos Selznick braves the three-hour

long Cloud Atlas and lives to share his thoughts.

Have a great week!

-Jason Cassidy, arts editor