The CN&R recommends…

Another look at our endorsements

President and Vice President: Barack Obama and Joe Biden

U.S. Senate: Dianne Feinstein

U.S. Congress, District 1: Jim Reed

State Senate, District 4: Jann Reed

State Assembly, District 3: Charles Rouse

Butte County Board of Education: Bob Purvis, Roger Steel, Ryne Johnson

CUSD Board of Trustees: Liz Griffin, Linda Hovey

Chico City Council: Ann Schwab, Randall Stone, Dave Kelley, Tami Ritter

Proposition 30 (temporary tax hike): Yes

Proposition 31 (budget reform): Yes

Proposition 32 (unions): No

Proposition 33 (auto insurance): No

Proposition 34 (death penalty): Yes

Proposition 35 (human trafficking): No

Proposition 36 (three strikes): Yes

Proposition 37 (GMO labeling): Yes

Proposition 38 (temporary taxes): No

Proposition 39 (corporate tax loophole): Yes

Proposition 40 (redistricting): Yes

Measure H (abandoned vehicles): Yes

Measure J (phone ordinance update): Yes

Measure K (constitutional amendment): Yes

Measure L (city clerk): Yes

Measure E (Chico school bonds): Yes

Butte County Board of Supervisors, District 5: Doug Teeter