Our men in Washington

Local district has had more Democrats than Republicans in Congress since Bidwell took office

Butte County has been tossed among three U.S. congressional districts (1st, 2nd, 3rd) since John Bidwell was elected in 1865. In that time there have been 21 representatives, all men, 11 of whom were Democrats and 10 Republicans. Butte, by the way, is now in the newest version of the 1st District.

Representative and party Years in office Reason for leaving

John Bidwell (R) 1865-1867 Retired

James A. Johnson (D) 1867-1871 Retired

John M. Coghlan (R) 1871-1873 Lost reelection

John K. Luttrell (D) 1873-1879 Retired

Campbell P. Berry (D) 1879-1883 Retired

Barclay Henley (D) 1883-1885 Redistricted

James Louttit (R) 1885-1887 Retired

Marion Biggs (D) 1887-1891 Retired

Anthony Caminetti (D) 1891-1895 Lost reelection

Grove L. Johnson (R) 1895-1897 Lost reelection

Marion De Vries (D) 1897-1900 Resigned

Samuel D. Woods (R) 1900-1903 Redistricted

Theodore Bell (D) 1903-1905 Lost reelection

Duncan McKinlay (R) 1905-1911 Lost nonimation

William Kent (R) 1911-1917 Redistricted

Clarence Lee (D) 1917-1949 Retired

Hubert B. Scudder (R) 1949-1953 Retired

Clair Engle (D) 1953-1959 Ran for U.S. Senate

Harold T. “Bizz” Johnson (D) 1959-1981 Lost reelection

Eugene Chappie (R) 1981-1987 Retired

Walley Herger (R) 1987-2013 Retired