I like music, it’s got so many notes

Devil by his side.

Devil by his side.

Krampus rides shotgun.

Santa vs. Satan Chico’s kick-ass merrymakers The Yule Logs have outdone themselves this year with a sweet and sinful video version (directed by Shawn Dyer) of their hit single “Wish List,” from their 2011 disc You Ruined Christmas. The song’s jangle and infectious vocal harmonies play soundtrack to Santa’s red-faced anagram pulling all kinds of devilish hijinks—from punking the band to break dancing to a hot-dog-eating contest with the other man in red. Go to to see new video—as well as 2009’s masterpiece “Christmastime is Here (Again!).” And visit and buy a copy of their latest audio release, a live double-disc called … Double Live!, recorded during last December’s two-night stand at the Chico Women’s Club (where they’ll hold up residence again this year—Dec. 22-23.) Whew!

Rye Rye

St. Nick vs. Krampus! As I mentioned last week, it’s all Krampusnacht for me for the rest of the year, and I’m gonna need a soundtrack with which to frolic naughtily with Krampus during my new-style holiday, so I figured it best to reach out to my DEVOtés and ask for your advice on holiday songs that don’t suck. (And I already have The Yule Logs all cued up, so you don’t need to suggest them … Unless! Maybe they’re working on a special extra-hot Krampus track!? Get on it, fellas! Pull Bone Gruel or Witchdick out of retirement if you need a collaborator!)

If you suggest a song that makes it on Arts DEVO’s 2012 Holiday Mix, I’ll send you a digital download (or burn a CD if you beg me). Songs can be new or old, and from absolutely any genre, but like I said, it can’t suck: No Rudolph, Frosty or other holiday characters; nothing creepy (“Santa Baby,” “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”); and none of the ubiquitous standards you might hear on repeat in Kohl’s or from an elementary-school holiday show (“Let it Snow,” “Jingle Bells,” etc.). Post your suggestions to Arts DEVO’s Facebook page at or email them to by Monday, Dec. 10.

Speaking of music that doesn’t suck There are a lot of pleasing chords being struck this week at DEVO H.Q., most notably the holy grail of lost live concert video footage: 28th Day at the I-Beam in San Francisco in 1985. It’s the only video evidence of a live performance of Chico’s most legendary band, and with the once-shabby audio restored to unbelievable fidelity, it is now available for all to behold. Visit guitarist Cole MarquisYouTube page at and watch each song and remind yourself that they were making this music as contemporaries of bands like R.E.M. and The Cure. Legendary!

Also, getting air time are tracks from the artists making up the insanely entertaining bill of the Group Hug Tour coming to the Senator Theatre Friday, Dec. 14. The evening is headlined by Oakland rapper Kreayshawn (of “Gucci Gucci” fame) and features an all-female roster of MCs—including Rye Rye (hear “Boom Boom” and, especially, the ridiculously awesome classic “Shake it to the Ground”); Honey Cocaine (best rap name in the world?) and Chippy Nonstop, whose collaboration with prankster Andy Milonakis—“Spaghetti”—will either take your holiday party to the next level, or completely clear the place out … how a proper party song should.