Borderlands 2

2K Games

Xbox 360, PC, Playstation 3

Ignore any skags who insist less is more. More is more, and this sequel to the 2009 surprise hit proves just that. A new group of Vault Hunters is at your command to foil Handsome Jack’s evil plan, but the real appeal—once again—is the unrestrained humor and outrageous guns. Gun manufacturers now feel and look more distinct from each other. Some guns sport increased fire rate and others explode like a grenade upon reload. The RPG elements remain with a few new twists such as Badass Points (global buffs for completing objectives) and character skin and head customizations. The combat is tried and true, but we get to topple more building-size monsters, which gives boss battles an epic oomph. While the overall story is bland—though better than the first—the towns and quests are overflowing with sexist, homicidal and perverted characters, and quests that drive us to kill while murdering our funny bone. Unlike any other game out there, the unapologetic humor and distinct visual style creates an over-the-top adventure that fuels replayability not with filler objectives but with a desire to let loose continually in a world that is as inappropriately crass as we all love to be sometimes.