Hello Touch


When it comes to finding an exemplary adult toy for couples, it’s all about finding the sweet spot. Unfortunately, manufacturers trying to appeal to each partner’s wish list often miss the mark for both people. This Valentine’s Day, Cupid delivers a wonderful exception to the rule, while redefining how we look at vibrators. Jimmyjane’s new Hello Touch puts the vibration directly at your fingertips. A cloth bracelet holds a small battery pack and the on/off switches and wires run from your wrist to two pads held onto your fingers with comfortable elastic straps. It’s an odd setup to look at—a cross between Spider-Man’s web-shooters and a hospital’s fingertip heart-rate monitors—but the design is ingenious. The pads are small, but powerful, and the wires and battery pack don’t get in the way of the fun. Your hand becomes the toy and it gives the user a natural free range of movement while not disrupting the connection a couple shares. The addition of variable speeds would have been nice, but fiddling with controls would only interrupt the mood, and Hello Touch’s best feature is that you forget it’s there.