Issue: April 11, 2013

Happy Thursday, readers.

This week we catch up with the talented Meredith J. Graham, CN&R's former managing editor. Meredith left for the small town of Yssingeaux, in France, last April. That's the location of the prestigious pastry school her husband, Josh, had been accepted to, and where the couple spent five months. After graduation, Josh and Meredith spent three additional months in another small town in France for his internship. In this week's cover story, Meredith shares her eight-month journey. She reflects on both the good and bad experiences, including the inconveniences and cultural differences, and how they changed the way she's now living her life back in the States.

In Newslines this week, News Editor Tom Gascoyne has the scoop on the Jesus Center Community Farm in southwest Chico, a project the nonprofit has taken on to help those in the homeless community gain work and work experience. Staff writer Ken Smith talks to a local artist who is facing felony vandalism charges (and hefty fines) for hand-painting downtown trash cans last year without city approval. Contributor Jesse Mills heads to a talk by (American-born) Israeli activist Jeff Halper, who co-founded an organization dedicated to peacefully putting a stop to the demolition of Palestinian homes. And contributor Vic Cantu checks in with a story about missing Chico resident Neal King, who set off for a business meeting related to marijuana weeks ago in Oroville and hasn't been heard from since.

In Healthlines, contributor Evan Tuchinsky gives readers a peek into the robotic technology being used in Oroville Hospital's operating rooms.

In Greenways, Green/Health Editor Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia lends some insight into the purpose of Butte Environmental Council's Code Blue water workshops and activities.

In the Arts and Culture section, Calendar Editor Howard Hardee talks with the bassist from Band of Horses in advance of the band's performance next Tuesday at the Senator Theatre. Ken Smith checks out French guitarist Claude Bourbon's performance at the 1078 Gallery. Contributor Alastair Bland has a feature on the recent interest in the wines of Portugal. And film critic Craig Blamer gives us his take on Evil Dead.

See you at the newsstand!

-Melissa Daugherty, managing editor