Issue: April 04, 2013

Good morning, readers:

For this week's cover story, CN&R Staff Writer Ken Smith spent a lot of time with three local musicians whose long lives have been shaped by music in one form or another. Ken does a bang-up job of telling the stories of these very different men.

In Newslines this week, Alastair Bland takes a look at Assembly Bill 343, a proposed animal-protection law that animal-rights activists charge is actually quite disingenuous. Calendar Editor Howard Hardee checks back in with Scott Baldwin, a local businessman whose plan to open a bar in downtown Chico is being held up by the complaints of an adjacent property owner. News Editor Tom Gascoyne headed to the City Council meeting, during which the Second Amendment and a city land purchase were on the agenda. And Jesse Mills took a look at the efforts that volunteers from Chico State made over the Cesar Chavez Day weekend to better honor the late human-rights activist and labor leader.

In Greenways, Meredith J. Graham has the scoop on kids' camps, and in Healthlines Howard Hardee talks to a local psychiatrist who prescribes a healthy dose of exercise to his patients.

In Music, Arts Editor Jason Cassidy checks in with the guys from Surrogate, in advance of their new album's release. Film critic Rachel Bush gives us her take on The Host, an adaptation of a novel by the author of the Twilight saga. And in Chow, Henri goes crazy over Tannins, a new downtown wine bar.

As always, there's plenty more in this issue ...

Happy reading!

-Melissa Daugherty, managing editor