Issue: March 28, 2013

Hello, Thursday friends.

It's a been a rough, tragic school year so far for Chico State and

the city of Chico. Once again, alcohol-related deaths have forced the

community to take a serious look at the drinking issue that is often

swept under the doormat. For this week's cover story, Mark Lore

shines a light on the culture of drinking in Chico and what actions

Chico State and community are taking, and might take in the future,

to change that culture. And in Newslines, we have three more Chico

State stories: Howard Hardee writes about how budget cuts are

affecting university's Student Health Services, including alcohol and

drug counseling; Vic Cantu looks in on efforts to educate the

community on respectfully celebrating Cesar Chavez Day; and Tom

Gascoyne follows up on Cal-OSHA's asbestos inspection of Butte Hall.

Last, Robert Speer reports on a special workshop hosted by the Chico

City Council to address problems associated with homeless transiency.

In the Greenways and Healthlines sections this week, we drop in on

Chef Alex and Miss Kathy as they teach the students at Chapman

Elementary about preparing healthy, local, sustainable food, as well

two volunteers in their nineties who install emergency-alert systems

in the homes of elderly clients for Enloe Medical Center.

In Arts & Culture, a local dancer/dance instructor shines the

spotlight on the impressive program of world-class dance productions

that Chico Performances brings to Chico State and Ken Smith

interviews indie-rock godfather Calvin Johnson about his new band The

Hive Dwellers. And, Christine LaPado-Breglia talks with Mama Sattva

Ghee owner Indya Gage about her local version of India-style clarified butter.

Have a great week!

-Jason Cassidy, arts editor