Up your first-aid game

Five things to consider adding to your home medicine cabinet

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Everyone’s got a list of must-have items in their medicine/first-aid cabinet, such as Band-Aids, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, an antibiotic ointment and aspirin (or some other over-the-counter painkiller). But here are five more things folks might consider adding to their home-emergency arsenal:

Activated charcoal—Keep it on hand (in capsule form) in case you accidentally ingest something harmful or that doesn’t agree with you. Activated charcoal binds harmful chemicals, such as propylene glycol, which can be found in some yogurts and soft-serve ice cream.

Castor oil—It is used to reduce inflammation. Rub into affected area and apply heating pad for 15 minutes to an hour. Note: Do not ingest or use on open skin.

Rescue Remedy—Bach Rescue Remedy is a liquid homeopathic product used to calm nerves in stressful situations (go to www.bachflower.com to learn more).

Probiotics—Lactobacillus and bifidobacteria supplements (which usually need to be refrigerated) are recommended for digestive upset.

Yunnan PaiYao (or Yunnan Baiyao)—A powdered Chinese coagulant medicine used to help stop internal bleeding; it can also be sprinkled over scrapes and cuts to stop bleeding very quickly.

Source: Care2.com, “5 Things Everyone Should Have in a Home Pharmacy”