Caregiver self-care tips

It’s important to get occasional relief if you are in the demanding role of caregiver

Whether you are helping an aging parent, an injured or disabled spouse or looking after a child who suffers from physical or mental illness, the circumstances and ever-changing duties of caring for other people can often become overwhelming. There are a number of Web resources that suggest ways to find help and some relief. The following tips and many more are outlined in much greater detail at

Accept your feelings: It’s natural to feel a range of emotions, from resentment to grief and hopelessness as situations progress. Understand this is natural and doesn’t make you a bad person. Strap yourself in for the rollercoaster ride and find a friendly ear to talk to.

Find resources: There are many community services, such as support groups, to help both the afflicted and those who care for them. You can provide better care for someone else if you are aware of what’s out there.

Attend to your own needs: Take time for yourself, watch for signs of depression and anxiety, stay social and do things you enjoy.