Issue: January 17, 2013

Happy Thursday, CN&R fans!

This week's cover story follows up on California's stance on legalizing marijuana, now that Washington and Colorado have made recreational use lawful. As you'll read, just because these two states appear to have paved the way, doesn't mean it will be an easy sell in the Golden State.

In Newslines this week, yours truly talks to Tracy Mohr, the animal-services manager at the city animal shelter, about the facility's new, controversial policy that is intended to reduce the rate of euthanasia at the clinic by cutting down on the number of cats held there. Ken Smith talks to community members who've formed a group to combat Chico's drinking problem. Tom Gascoyne has a write-up on John Rucker's very quiet departure from his job as Chico's assistant city manager. And Robert Speer gives a run-down of Tuesday evening's Chico City Council meeting, during which Finance Director Jennifer Hennessy was vindicated by an outside audit.

In Greenways, Claire Hutkins Seda has a write-up on a newly opened e-bike shop in Chico.

In Healthlines, Evan Tuchinsky has a nice profile on Oroville Hospital's Dr. Skau, a surgeon whose work has led him to far corners of the world.

In the Arts and Culture section, check out Alan Sheckter's coverage of a number of inspiring eco-related documentaries at Nevada City's Wild & Scenic Film Fest. Slightly Stoopid fans will want to check out Alan Sculley's interview with the band's co-frontman, Miles Doughty, during which he professes the group's maturity in the wake of his becoming a father. And Juan-Carlos Selznick heads to the silver screen to review Zero Dark Thirty, Kathryn Bigelow's take on the mission that took down Osama bin Laden.

Until next week ...

-Melissa Daugherty, managing editor