Issue: January 10, 2013

Good morning, readers. Happy Thursday.

This week's CN&R features our annual Health & Fitness special issue, which includes a package of stories with an economic twist. You'll read write-ups on everything from eating well and eating mindfully to exercising and getting medical aid, all at low- or no cost. We hope the package inspires you to reprioritize the ways in which you care for your body.

In newslines this week, we've got an interesting array of stories: Christine G.K. LaPado headed over to two job fairs; Ken Smith has an exclusive take on the recent evacuation of Tinseltown theater over a suspicious-looking package (he was one of the evacuees!); Tom Gascoyne has a write-up on the City Council's decision banning plastic carry-out bags; and Howard Hardee looks into the frustrations of two local businessmen, one who's trying get out of the bar business and the other who's trying to enter it.

This week, the Greenways and Healthlines sections both contain health-related stories. The former focuses on the toxin-containing plastic food containers we should avoid. While the latter focuses on a supplementary service being offered to patients at a local medical group.

In the Arts and Culture section, film critic Craig Blamer gives a preview of this year's big-screen offerings. Hint: We hope you like sci-fi, fantasy and horror. In Chow, you'll meet the Jerky Gurls, two local jerky makin' gals who have a lot of fun with their business endeavor. You'll also gain some insight into the death-metal outfit Fallujah via the band's super-serious frontman.

Of course, there is a lot more in this issue …


-Melissa Daugherty, managing editor