Special Issue: Health and Fitness

From exercising and eating well to seeking care on a budget

Staying healthy and fit should always be a priority, and just because money is tight doesn’t mean we cannot do our best to care for our bodies.

In Chico, we’re lucky to be surrounded by an amazing environment in which year-round exercise is easily accessible. Think Bidwell Park—did you know Lower Park has two exercise courses?

We’re also fortunate that there is a no-cost nutritional program to help us learn how to eat more healthfully, and that we have access to low-cost alternative-medicine providers. We’re also exceedingly fortunate that, should we find ourselves destitute and ill, there’s a place we can go for help. These are some of the things you’ll read about in our special Health & Fitness issue.

We hope it inspires you to reprioritize the things you do to care for your body. After all, life is so much more enjoyable when we have good health.