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A gentler approach to keeping your health-related New Year’s resolutions

If you’re already struggling with the health-related New Year’s resolutions you’ve recently committed to, perhaps it’s time to take a different approach. For many, too-specific goals—particularly those designed to deprive yourself of certain things—are simply a setup for disappointment. A number of Web resources, such as these tips adapted from, offer tips instead of resolutions to help you meet your health goals.

1. Think positive: Don’t beat yourself up for cheating on your diet now and then. Think instead of all the times you haven’t blown it. Slipping every now and then isn’t bad if you’re making overall better food choices.

2. Move to your own groove: Find a physical activity you enjoy. If you hate running, try swimming. If traditional sports don’t appeal to you, try something different, like throwing hatchets or hula-hooping.

3. Baby steps: Rather than cutting everything cold turkey, make gradual changes.

4. Eat what you like: Don’t choose foods based solely on their purported health benefits. If you hate celery, you’re unlikely to continue eating it. Choose another fruit or vegetable you actually like.

5. Find your muse: Look for what inspires you. Think hard about specific reasons you want to improve your body or overall health and let that be your guiding light.