Holistic cure for the cold

An herbal mixture for treating respiratory illness

When it comes to catching a cold, the best treatment is prevention—the website FrugallySustainable.com suggests drinking plenty of water, taking daily doses of vitamins C and D for immune-system strength, eating whole foods, exercising regularly, making time for proper rest and managing stress. But what if, despite your best efforts, you catch the sniffles anyway? Here is a natural recipe for a wild-cherry bark and horehound tincture the site offers for treating respiratory illness:

• 1 ounce dried horehound: This works powerfully to loosen phlegm in the chest and also serves as an antibiotic and antiviral.

• 1 ounce dried wild-cherry bark: This will help clear mucus from your system and provides sedative qualities (in addition to masking the bitterness of horehound).

• 16 ounces 100-proof vodka for use as a solvent.

Pour the vodka over the herbs in a quart-sized glass jar, stir well and shake. Keep the jar in a warm place and let it steep for four to six weeks. Strain the contents and store in a cool place.

Administer the tincture by adding a dropperful or two to a warm cup of water flavored with honey and a splash of lemon juice.