Not a lot to smile about

North State scores low on Well-Being Index

Gallup and Healthways just released their annual Well-Being Index, and our part of the North State did not score well. The study’s overall wellness score is an average of six basic categories of well-being and, as a state, California is in the upper half with a No. 18 ranking (Hawaii is holding tight at the No. 1 spot), the place it has been parked for three years. But up here in former Congressional District 2 (the 2012 survey was conducted along the old district lines)—which encompassed the I-5 corridor north of Sacramento and included Chico, Red Bluff and Redding—we’re apparently not feeling so hot.

Well-being ranking compared to all 436 congressional districts:

Overall 342

Life evaluation 391

Emotional health 358

Physical health 407

Healthy behavior 60

Work environment 163

Basic access 376