Issue: February 28, 2013

Happy Thursday, CN&R readers:

It's a new week (for us, anyway) and we've got a new issue chock-full of news, features, previews and reviews.

In this week's cover story, ride along with writer Allan Stellar as he travels to rural Modoc County and attempts to chronicle the annual coyote hunt that takes place in Adin. Attempt is the key word here. Adin has been ground zero for the past seven years of a limitless hunt on coyotes, but the issue became controversial this year when environmental groups got wind of the hunt and its culminating event during which the carcasses of dozens of the animals are shown off by hunters, who earn prizes for their kills. Hunters justify the event as livestock protection, but as Stellar tells it, scientific evidence shows that these types of hunts actually increase coyote populations.

In Healthlines this week, check out the story about how dental care for low-income children is becoming even more difficult to access.

In Greenways, there's a piece on the expected changes to flame-retardant regulations that will lead to fewer toxins in upholstered furniture.

In the Arts and Culture section, check out the preview of a performance by Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary fame), who is coming to the Paradise Performing Arts Center on Saturday, March 2. There's also a preview of new-music innovator Paul Dresher's performance with Joel Davel at Chico State on Friday, March 1. In Chow, you'll see a review of a new Ridge eatery, Green Paradise Café, which serves up a fairly healthful menu. And in Reel World, you'll read about new sci-fi flick Dark Skies.


-Melissa Daugherty, managing editor