Hell breaks loose in Chico

Chico police press release reveals night of mayhem

Speaking of Chico Police Department press releases, one issued on Sunday (Feb. 23) was more of a plea for sanity. With three exclamation points and two references to “OUR community,” the release details a 12-hour period of mayhem beginning Saturday at 4 p.m., one day after community leaders held a meeting addressing the city’s substance-abuse problems.

The release begins with, “Chico Police Patrol staffing pushed beyond the breaking point!” It goes on to describe “several large fights stemming from house parties in the college housing area.”

Fifteen noise warnings were issued and two disorderly events ordinance citations were handed out. Ten fires burning couches, mattresses, chairs and garbage cans erupted on West Sixth Street between Ivy and Chestnut streets. At times, the release says, more than 90 percent of the city was without police service. “This type of juvenile behavior continues to be fueled by alcohol, egos, and tempers; all of which are totally unacceptable in OUR community!”