Chico Natty bags award

Chico Natural Foods awarded for eco-friendly packaging practice

The Chico Natural Foods Cooperative has been recognized by an organic-food industry collaborative for its use of grocery bags made from recycled material.

The local grocery co-op was one of three recipients of the Extended Producer Responsibility award by the Responsible Packaging Project, a collaborative initiative involving a handful of organic- and natural-food organizations, according to a press release. Chico Natural Foods was recognized for using LDPE (low-density polyethylene) No. 4 grocery bags, which are made from 100 percent recycled content and help reduce the use of single-use paper grocery bags.

“We are excited to recognize companies who are driving the definition and innovation of responsible packaging,” said Nate Schlachter, executive director of the Sustainable Food Trade Association, which facilitates the Responsible Packaging Project.