Arrests at pipeline protests

Celebrity protesters locked up during Keystone XL opposition rally

A handful of celebrities were arrested outside of the White House on Feb. 13 for protesting the controversial Keystone XL pipeline project.

Climate scientist James Hansen, actress Daryl Hannah, civil-rights activist Julian Bond (pictured) and eco-advocate Robert Kennedy Jr. were among 50 people arrested for handcuffing themselves to the gates of the White House the morning after President Obama’s State of the Union address, according to the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

Obama did not mention the Keystone XL during his address, but environmentalists maintain approving the project would undermine the president’s promises to reduce greenhouse gases. The energy industry is pressuring Obama to move forward with the project, arguing it would create jobs and secure a key energy source.

“The Keystone pipeline project is the purest test of whether the president is serious about doing something about climate change or not,” said author Bill McKibben, whose group has been among the opposition leaders.