California as biofuel hub

California is national leader in advanced biofuel technology

The Golden State is at the head of the entrepreneurial pack when it comes to advanced biofuel companies, a study finds.

Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), a national community of business leaders who promote environmental policy, released a report on the biofuels industry that found California is home to 30 of the 80 biofuel companies operating in the United States, more than the next four closest states combined, according to the Los Angeles Times. Advanced biofuels, also known as second- or third-generation biofuels, are developed from sources like woody biomass, Brazilian sugarcane and algae.

E2 analyst Mary Solecki said California is the “clean-tech hub of the country. It has Silicon Valley. The brain trust coming out of the universities is significant, and California funds research into these areas, more so than other states.”