Active-shooter training

County school district coordinates training to keep campuses safe

In the wake of the mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, the Butte County Office of Education is sponsoring training for educators on preventing, or at least preparing for, “an active shooter on a school campus,” according to a BCOE press release.

Sgt. Joe Basham of California Emergency Management Agency says in a press release that “it is critical that law enforcement, schools and first responders work together to keep students as safe as possible in the event of a school shooting or active shooter on campus.”

The workshop calls for local law enforcement and emergency service providers to work with educators on the best ways to keep students safe. BCOE Superintendent Tim Taylor says that, in the wake of last December’s school shooting, all district superintendents agreed such training is necessary. The workshop takes place April 8 at Feather River Tribal Health in Oroville.