Hot Mess

To put it in typically chauvinistic terms, Pam Taylor’s album is “ballsy.” Though the singer lacks those particular genital appliances, when she takes on a song like the classic “I’d Rather Go Blind,” a song which has been covered by such dynamos as Etta James and pop diva Beyonce, she shows the world some sizeable cojones. Best of all, though, is how the South Carolina-based musician can make a listener forget those other versions, at least momentarily, and appreciate just how much heart and soul she can put into and bring out of that great song. This is one of those independent releases that usually sink below the waves with nary a soul seeing the drowning artist waving for attention, one of hundreds upon hundreds of CDs released each month. And that’s too bad, because Taylor’s got a great blues voice, and she’s backed here by a super tight band of ace players. If she were booked at the Sierra Nevada Big Room, I’d be there pronto. Visit her site at or go to iTunes and see if you hear what I hear. Good stuff.