Optimistic outlook

Recent poll shows Americans believe city life improving

“This probably is the darkest time for the city of Chico,” City Manager Brian Nakamura said at a recent City Council meeting, referring to a budget crisis that may lead to sweeping cuts and job losses (see “Dark Days,” Newslines, June 6). Meanwhile, most Americans—61.9 percent, according to a recent Gallup poll—are optimistic that their cities are becoming better places to live. People were more pessimistic during the recent economic downturn, with a low of 51.1 percent in February 2009 reporting their cities were improving. By region, the West has most improved its outlook, showing a 10.3 percent rise from its 2009 low-point. Here’s a look at the percentage of Americans who are optimistic about their place of residence:

Source: www.gallup.com