Issue: April 18, 2013

Thanks for reading this week's SN&R--a special Earth Day issue.

The feature story this week: Cosmo Garvin talks with local activists

that are fighting to preserve the area's precious (and rapidly

disappearing) wetlands.

Elsewhere in the issue: Alastair Bland on how climate change may

influence wine production; Raheem F. Hosseini on budgetary struggles

at the Sacramento Ballet; Greg Lucas wonders how much privacy we

actually have on the Internet; Raheem F. Hosseini investigates

seduction start-up Sac Pick Up; Jonathan Mendick picks the best of

the Earth Day festivities; Ann Martin Rolke finds some noteworthy

Turkish food; Rachel Leibrock bids Deftones bassist Chi Cheng

farewell; Blake Gillespie gets ready to celebrate Record Store Day; and more.