Best redressed

Thrift Town's Go Green to the Prom Contest

When it comes to environmentally friendly fashion, nothing's greener than buying secondhand (short of not buying anything at all, of course, but that's crazy talk). Thrift Town gets into the Earth-saving spirit with its annual Go Green to the Prom Contest. Contestants can enter by submitting photos of their best recycled prom outfits. The clothes don't have to be from the national thrift-store

chain—the threads can be from any secondhand shop, garage sale or relative's closet. Contestants may alter their thrift scores, but will need to provide a before and after photo if they choose to take scissors or needle and thread to the outfit (think Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink for inspiration). The contest is open to both ladies and fellows, and while any accessories included in the pictures (purse, shoes, ties, et al.) may be purchased new, contestants will get bonus points for an outfit that's 100 percent secondhand. Judges will also consider creativity, originality and the story behind the getup (an accompanying description is required).

Not going to the prom? Anyone can enter by donating their outfit to one of Thrift Town's nonprofit partners. Prizes include an iPad and a Kindle Fire, and the top three winners will also receive a $100 Thrift Town gift card. The entry deadline is June 30. Visit for a complete list of rules.