Sat., April 20, Cold Eskimo

Ace of Spades, 7 p.m., $18

Cold Eskimo is the kind of band that restores one's faith in Sacto's local music scene. It keeps a profile so unassuming you can sincerely say, “You probably haven't heard of them” without sounding like a huge jerk (just a mild one). The band writes subtle, languid pop songs; self-described as baroque pop, its sound is reminiscent of Tennis and Youth Lagoon. If Grizzly Bear had a sweet, introverted, poppier younger cousin, she'd be Cold Eskimo. The band is currently working on a second album, partly being recorded at Pus Cavern. In the meantime, this gig opening for Foals should be big for the fresh, modest group. 1417 R Street,