Issue: July 29, 2010


Remember this time last year, when it looked like California might be headed toward a constitutional convention, and the government of the Golden State might just be made to work again? In news this week, we bring you the sad, brief story of Repair California, and the revolution that never happened. Also in news: Bill DeOllas was trying mighty hard to make up for his past sins. He was doing a pretty good job of it, too, until he was killed by a hit-and-run driver outside Loaves & Fishes. What really happened on the day Cowboy Bill died?


With great power comes great responsibility. So it goes for a handful of local eco-friendly leaders, who have taken charge to fight for Sacramento’s green future. So, who are these heroes of sustainability? These men and women fighting climate change behind the scenes? This week, SN&R CEO Jeff vonKaenel interviews all five members of Mayor Kevin Johnson’s Greenwise Sacramento team: SMUD’s John DiStasio, Technikon’s Bill Walden, UC Davis’ Steven Currall, attorney Alicia Guerra, and Sacramento Area Council of Governments’ Mike McKeever.

Arts & Culture

What’s it like to own the ugliest dog in Sacramento? Kimberly Horg-Webb

chats with Jon Adler, owner of Chinese crested Icky, the internationally famous and unsightly dog of the 916. Also this week: Greg Lucas eats in the neighborhood, Jim Lane considers eating with Schmucks, Rachel Leibrock chats with Charles Albright and Blair Stenvick interviews the hippie protesters on the corner of 15th and L streets.