Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Rated 1.0

Two networks of canine and feline secret agents, normally bitter enemies, agree to work together to stop a rogue hairless cat (voice by Bette Midler) who has a scheme to conquer the human race. The first Cats & Dogs was nine years ago—or 63 in dog years—so Warner Bros. figured there was a whole new audience out there now. That’s probably about right: Anyone over 9 is too old for this (and it’s hard to imagine a child naughty enough to deserve having to sit through it). The story is dumb, the jokes are dumber, the special effects are shoddy and the 3-D is headache-inducing (director Brad Peyton doesn’t understand that you have to keep the frame simple and uncluttered for 3-D). Other animal voices are provided by James Marsden, Nick Nolte, Christina Applegate, Katt Williams and Sean Hayes.